Devoted to quality, safety and success!

Amco Electric Ltd. has been successfully operating in a wide range of industrial applications since 2004, having as a main objective to serve customers and partners, giving solutions adjusted to the needs of every installation and on the unique requirements of each customer/partner. We have achieved to be recognized and distinguish for our professionalism and we never stop setting the bar high in order to create beneficial collaborations and relationships of trust with our customers and partners.

We cover the whole range of electrical applications in the field of Industry, Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Infrastructure, on Medium & High Voltage substations, providing specialized measurements and tests through special measuring instruments in the electrical equipment of the substation. High quality maintenance services, reconstruction and inspection of existing equipment as well as installation services, commissioning and start-up of new equipment, always ensuring the best of quality and the desired result.

We undertake any kind of electrical application if the field of Industry, Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Infrastructure and we handle equipment of the largest construction companies of electromechanical equipment in Greece and abroad, such as Alstom, Schneider Electric, ABB etc.

Our goal is flexible work and professionalism. We provide solutions that secure the permanent and smooth operation of your equipment and also advisory on its consecutive upgrade. Our people are result driven and work hard in order to achieve it. They are a team of highly experienced people, with many years of knowledge on the field, which they constantly enrich with new opportunities and through the challenges they face on the ever changing environment of our field. We invest consistently and repeatedly on the proper education and certification of our people in order to deliver the best possible solution to the requests of our customer/partners, but also in order to ensure the safety of our people, our customer and their facilities.

Company’s policy about quality, environment and professional health & safety

Amco Electric Ltd. has designed and implemented an integrated management system based on the current International Standard ISO 9001:2015. Its main objective is to strengthen the ability to provide consistently excellent services of high quality to its customers that meet their standards and are aligned with the applicable laws and regulations. Responsible for defining and evaluating these commitments is the General Manager.

Amco Electric Ltd. commits to:

  • Implement the offered services according to the requirements of the customers, according to its policy and management system and the demands of art and science
  • Collaborate with its customers targeting mutual benefit, promoting proper and ethical practices, recognizing and preventing risks while taking advantage of all opportunities in order to achieve the best and most efficient outcome on every project
  • Provide solutions to its customers’ requests while enhancing the technical and theoretical knowledge of its staff and developing its network of partners
  • Constantly try to improve the management system of the company as well as the satisfaction of its customers through its provided services and the overall customer experience upon the completion of a project
  • Provide a working environment, where priorities are safety, health, protection of the environment and the development of its employees by investing in their continuing education in order to ensure the above
  • Has the necessary resources for its effective operation
  • Cooperate with its suppliers, who are evaluated according to criteria set by the company in order to ensure that the quality standards required by the company and demanded by its customers are maintained properly
  • Support voluntarily charity organizations and contribute to its protection and empowerment
  • Comply fully with the existing environmental legislation for the protection of the environment and uses physical resources rationally
  • Set annual goals about quality and reviews their achievement

As a company that serves the field of energy, we are obliged to ensure that our day to day operations aim at the most cost-effective solution for both our customers and our company, as well as the environment. For this reason we undertake projects with full social and environmental responsibility and we implement innovative solutions with respect to the people we work with plus the environment that we live in. Through our services we try to improve the operating conditions of the electrical equipment of all the businesses that have put their trust on us.

Through our position in the Greek market, we try to prove that we are trustworthy, that we contribute to healthy competition through quality/price based costing and we try to achieve sustainability in order to offer volunteer work to social groups that need it. We have started supporting the Autism Center “SOS” in the area of Thrakomakedones in any way we can, with great pleasure, and we hope to be able to help more and more such organizations in the future.

At Amco Electric Ltd. safety is a prerequisite before we engage in any kind of offer or technical intervention. It is part of our everyday life and by recognizing the potential dangers in our job we try to pass this mentality to all the people we work with in order to meet all the requirements for the proper operation of the electrical equipment, that will deliver the desired customer results in their business and will not bear the risks and health related hazards for our people and will ensure the safety of our customer’s installation.

Every year, the goal for the quality system of the company is zero number of accidents and zero number of technical mistakes.

This goal is achieved through the following measures implemented by the company:

  • Amco Electric Ltd. equips all of its employees with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and makes sure that everyone understands that is necessary to be used repeatedly in all kinds of work
  • The Safety Officer of the company prior to every work does an estimation of the occupational risk of the work to be implemented and informs the appropriate team of technicians in order to avoid any kind of potential risk.
  • Depending on the type of service, specific work and safety instructions are defined and ought to be followed
  • Based on our quality system, we have compiled and maintain a detailed “Occupational Risk Assessment” for all the services we provide
  • If the premises of the client lags in terms of safety, then a report is filed after the completion of the work where safety measures and technical means or upgrades are to be taken in order for the facility to operate safely and dangers or accidents to be avoided.
  • Meetings are held on a regular basis, where incidents of accidents, or almost accidents, that have happened throughout the years in our field are being discussed and we address the causalities and how the staff of Amco Electric Ltd. could act proactively in similar situations
  • Many frequent trainings are being held by outsourced safety experts and certifications are awarded upon completion
  • We systematically calibrate our measuring instruments in an independent calibration laboratory
  • We supply our staff with cutting-edge tools that make our work more efficient and safer
  • For our new employees there is an intensive training time period before they use the special instruments we own at Amco Electric Ltd. or before working on field as Amco Electric Ltd. certified staff in order to ensure that the work will be done in terms of our own mindset


We don’t just undertake projects, we create relationships of trust with the people that have chosen us, constantly trying to prove that they have done the right choice and they can rely on us for every kind of request.