Special Measurements & tests
with modern certified instruments!

Having modern specialized measuring instruments and highly trained personnel, we provide the customer with the opportunity to check the state of its equipment at any time, which can be a key factor for the smooth operation of the entire substation and can give us indications for failures in order to act proactively and inhibitively to existing installations or indicate to us that a new installation is ready to be put into operation.

Depending on the type and on the criticality of the installation, we can advise you on the measurements that could benefit the operation of your equipment and offer you complete solutions for the future of your installation in case the findings of the measurements are not positive for the situation of your installation. All measurements are taken according to existing Greek & national standards and upon completion we file and send you analytical reports.

The special equipment is calibrated according to each manufacturer’s calibration program at an independent calibration laboratory so that the measurements taken are accurate and reliable.


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