The decent preventive maintenance of your equipment ensures its proper and efficient operations

That’s why we pay extra attention to details by initiating multiple and complete control tests, focusing on points that can be critical and rejecting all possible failure scenarios. In case that a corrective action needs to be taken, we proceed with care to equipment replacement purchased from the best suppliers of the market and of the best quality.

While in many other cases a maintenance might be a typical procedure, at Amco Electric Ltd. we prove that it’s the best win-win situation for the customer. Having a full image of the installation, through reports we file upon completion of the work, we suggest improvements in order to upgrade the industrial equipment or even innovative solutions for energy saving and insurance of the best operation.


We don’t just undertake projects, we create relationships of trust with the people that have chosen us, constantly trying to prove that they have done the right choice and they can rely on us for every kind of request.