Long year experience, excellent technical knowledge and professionalism

The long year experience and excellent technical knowledge of our employees gives us the strategic advantage of having an advanced level of insight into every aspect of the electrical sector, giving solutions to the most complex situations and respond to demanding requests that only very careful and professional handling can produce results.

Having earned the trust of our customers, indicatively, we engage into:

  • Installation & connection of industrial electrical equipment of medium and low voltage

  • Build of Termination Boxes & Sleeves to medium voltage cables
  • Installation of racks, power cables, control cables and wiring harness
  • Replacement of old equipment with new generation one (retrofit)
  • Formation & cutting of bars to adjust new equipment


We don’t just undertake projects, we create relationships of trust with the people that have chosen us, constantly trying to prove that they have done the right choice and they can rely on us for every kind of request.